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I practice therapy because I believe in the human capacity for liberation and healing, and our ability to empower each other and collectively improve our lives. I don't know what living a life that you love and value would look like for you, but I'm excited to help you find out.


I've primarily worked with people with serious trauma histories who are subject to intense systems of social control and oppression, both in their sexual existence and lives in general. I'm experienced with individual and couples therapy, sex therapy, working with trauma, depression, anxiety, and other issues. I draw primarily on narrative therapy in my practice, but use techniques from CBT, relational therapy, and other modalities as appropriate.


  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW)
  • Masters of Social Work from Hunter College
  • Additional training from the Narrative Therapy Centre of Toronto


Individual and Couples/Pair Therapy

I'm experienced with both individuals and couples/pairs. I center your concerns, values, ideas, and issues. I see myself not as an expert on you, but as a co-creator of a new narrative.

Gender Identity and Gender Transition

My belief in human autonomy and freedom underlies my support for trans people. I'm experienced in working with people of many genders on exploring their gender identities, dealing with transphobia, and figuring out what's right for them.

Relationship Issues

Many people struggle with stress, communication issues, changes in relationship roles, and other difficulties. It can be extremely helpful to seek a therapist who can provide a safe space to work through these issues together.

Depression and Anxiety

Feelings of depression and anxiety can be extremely difficult and even disabling; they are also reasonable responses to stress, trauma, and uncertainty, and can even represent strategies for survival that previously worked for you. I aim to help you uncover the histories of your depression and anxiety and figure out a way forward.

Poly Affirmative

I'm experienced with working with poly and non-monogamous couples and individuals and the unique concerns of this community. I aim to help people discover what form of relationship works for them, and work through the sometimes difficult process of a relationship-orientation mismatch with a partner.

Sex Worker Positive

Sex workers face unique stigma, and it's important to find a therapist who understands your unique concerns. Like with all clients, I center sex workers' needs, hopes, and desires in working towards a life that works for you.

Trauma and PTSD

Trauma is real and has real, lasting effects on the body and the brain. Everyone's path to healing is different, and I aim to mobilize your knowledge of your self, my experience, and what science tells us about trauma to figure out a path for you.

Substance Use

I'm experienced with working with people who use substances and have a variety of relationships to that use. Substance use is always an attempt to address real needs. I aim to help you figure out a relationship to substance use that works for you.

Sex Therapy

It can be difficult to find a safe place to talk about sexual interests, concerns, and issues. I aim to provide that and help with many different sexual issues ranging from vaginismus, to concerns about a very low or very high sex drive, to difficulties with sexual communication, and more.

LGBTQIA+ Affirmative

I'm experienced with working with many people from our diverse community, and I hope to provide the support you need. I've seen firsthand the dangers of therapists who approach us as strange, exotic, or dangerous. I also know that sometimes, one wants a therapist who understands your identities as a baseline, so you can move forward with what you want to work on.

Fees/Sliding Scale

I offer a sliding scale to clients so I can balance my desire to make therapy accessible to people with less economic privilege with my need to pay rent/bills/student loans and have a sustainable income. I need the average of payments to be in the Medium tier for this work to be sustainable. When you pay more than this, you make it possible for me to see people who pay less.

If you're interested in a sliding scale slot, please take a look at the below chart and let me know where you land in each of the three rows. If you are connected to your family and likely to inherit assets from them, I ask that you consider their position as well when looking in the assets column.

Scale Bottom Low Medium High Top
Income 0-35k/year 35-55k/year 55-75K/year 75-100K/year
lower income and partially live off unearned income (eg investments, trust fund,etc)
Live off unearned income (eg investments, trust fund,etc)
Assets* Family has no assets
No access to family
Family has some assets Family has assets, like a house they are paying
  • Family has many assets, like a paid-off house
  • someone else paid or pays my rent/mortgage
  • I choose to work part time or for less since I need less money/have external support
  • Family has many assets, like investments
  • I have access and gave it away
  • someone else paid or pays my rent/mortgage
  • I choose whether to work or not
  • My money is needed for the survival of my extended family
  • extensive student
  • survival credit card debit
  • extensive student loans, few in family have higher
Student loans and most people in my family have higher education Student loans for professional or post-secondary education My college was paid for

* An asset is something of significant financial value, such as a house, car, business, investments/stock, large saving account, etc.

This material is adopted from Hadassah Damien at Ride Free Fearless Money, whose work has greatly influenced my own thinking about sliding scale. You can find it here